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Ablivion, also known as Andrew Avitabile, has been working on a new project. He recently released a single called "Trigger Finger" and has two more releases scheduled for this summer. Ablivion aims to create minimal, melodic electronic music and is planning to release an EP at the end of the summer, which will include these singles and some unreleased bonus tracks. Ablivion has a background in the New York City music scene and has been involved in various music projects. He aims to take listeners on a hypnotic journey with his music, combining rich electronic sounds to create groovy melodies with trance-like elements.


Surrounded by warm breezes, palm trees, and sandy shores, Ablivion manages the audio division of a premier production company and enjoys recording in the field and mixing projects in the studio. After many years of composing and designing sound for film and television. Ablivion’s goal is to take listeners on a journey where they can easily become hypnotized and transported to another world or utilize the music as a background for daily, task-driven activities. His latest work aims to combine various intervals of short bursts of richly layered, electronic sounds to create melodies that dip into trance, while still feeling groovy.


Please enjoy the following AI-Generated Fiction:


Ablivion is a musical scientist who experiments with highly unstable atomic energy to produce sounds that mesmerize and captivate listeners. His music is a fusion of harmonious rhythms and electrifying beats that seem to pulse with the energy of the cosmos itself.

Harnessing atomic energy for his music comes with its risks. However, ABLIVION believes that his music has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people on a level that technology alone could not achieve.

One fateful night, as Ablivion performed his latest composition at an underground club, his music reached new heights of intensity. The crowd was entranced, swept away by the ethereal melodies and pulsating rhythms. But as the music soared, so did the energy levels within the club, pushing the boundaries of safety.

Suddenly, a surge of atomic energy erupted from Ablivion's instruments, engulfing the club in a blinding flash of light. Panic ensued as the club-goers scrambled for safety, but Ablivion remained calm amidst the chaos. With a steady hand, he channeled the energy of his music, guiding it back under control.

His music was hailed as a revolutionary force that defied convention and pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. Despite the risks, people flocked from far and wide to hear his performances, eager to experience the transcendent power of his music.

As for Ablivion, he continues to create his music, undeterred by the dangers that lay ahead. For him, the thrill of pushing the limits of atomic energy was a small price to pay for the chance to share his art with the world. And as long as his music resonates with the hearts of those who listen, he knows that his journey is far from over.

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